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Paying again for the handwriting tool?

hi, I would like to know if it is normal that I am required to pay again $12.99 to use the handwriting feature. 
I wasn’t aware when I purchased the app, that I would have to pay twice to access all the features. 
Thanks for your help. 


  • When I look at Symphony Pro in the app store, right there staring me in the face is an "In-App Purchase" for the "Handwriting Recognition Tool".   Is that not showing in the App Store for you?

    Personally, I think the SP team doesn't charge enough!  The app is amazing and I would be perfectly happy paying for a subscription if they ever decide they need a recurring revenue stream to continue development.  

    Compare SP to the price of Sibelius or Finale.  While SP might not have all the features of these desktop apps, I find I can work much faster and more intuitively with SP on iPad Pro + Apple Pencil than I can on my desktop.  

    People spend $12.99 for a couple of cups of coffee and then piss it out.  The handwriting tool is licensed from a 3rd party.  I used that same handwriting too, the same framework, in other notation apps, and SP's implementation is by far the best.  

    It's well worth the money, IMHO!

  • Hi Kevin,
    thank you for your insight and your time. 
    So far, even without the handwriting tool I really  appreciate the app and I believe that it is worth the money. 
    My question wasn’t a criticism. I wanted to make sure that the fees are normal before paying. 
    it happened to me once with another app. There was an issue somewhere and I paid twice for the same thing, by mistake. 

    Thanks again for your help. 

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