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Tablature - changing strings

I just picked up Symphony Pro 5, and have been using the Apple Pencil, with really good results so far.  I have however, been having problems with Tablature.

I have input the notes in standard notation, selected both staves (notation and tab), and hit “sync tab staves”.  On the tablature, all notes show up as fret 0 on string 1.  Any attempt to drag the number to a different string results in it snapping back to string 1, though now the number is 6 frets higher.

I have tried to find documentation on how to input tab, but so far I haven’t seen this issue mentioned.  I am very new to the program, so if I am going about this the wrong way, please let me know, or point me to the proper documentation.  Thank you!


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    edited December 2018
    We likely resolved these significant bugs for a major update in the very near future (i.e. early-2019). As well, it will be easier to transpose or sync tab notes. Since further verification and/or feedback in these regards would be valuable, however, feel free to request an early access invite. A brief email (to support@symphonypro.net) referencing this reply will suffice, and you'll receive an install link shortly thereafter.
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