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TIP: instead of tapping a selected note to turn ORANGE and enter NOTE ADJUST MODE with Apple Pencil

I often use Apple Pencil to lasso a note for selection.  If I want to enter NOTE ADJUST MODE (orange), then I try to TAP on the note once again to enter that mode, however, often the case is that the angle of my TAP combined with the speed of the TAP using the pencil ends up marking the score with an undesired pencil mark, and I miss the note.  This means I have to get rid of that marking via selecting the mark and tapping DELETE etc.  

I don’t know why I missed this before, but here’s what I just discovered.

How to accurately enter NOTE ADJUST MODE every time:

1).  Select a note via Apple Pencil Lasso (or by tapping on a note)
2).  Tap the arrow on the far right end of the contextual menu.  This turns the selected note ORANGE and puts you into NOTE ADJST MODE.  

No more unwanted scribbles. 

NOTE: this only works for selecting a SINGLE note.   If you select a range of notes, tapping the arrow on the far right end will still turn the notes ORANGE, but it will present a different set of options to work on that selection. 

Perhaps I missed this in the user guide, or, it is one of those things that users discover as they start exploring the app. 



  • edited December 2018
    These finer details are certainly important for workflow in numerous cases, so will be incorporated in a complete set of help guides eventually. Regarding the modalities of Note Adjust Mode, you made an excellent point in that the exact menu items that become available are context sensitive in regard to the multi or single note selection (such that only applicable transformations & actions are shown).

    Incidentally, entering Note Adjust Mode on a single-note selection, followed by tapping the right arrow will, in this case, toggle the respective context menu over to a 2nd set of available note adjust options. The 2nd set (and potentially a 3rd or 4th level, depending on how your screen width accommodates multiple menu items) provides transformations/actions that are available at the top level of a multi-note selection in Note Adjust Mode, which is yet another key convenience, and distinction not to be confused over.
  • Indeed!  It’s just a matter of learning contexts and minimizing the effort to be creative and write music on the fly.  Simple is hard!  And SP is making hard stuff, simple!

    BTW: I’m more excited about working with SP than I have been with any music scoring app in a very, very long time.   I started scoring music with Notator (C-Lab) on the AtariST 1040 in the mid 1980s.

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