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What's the fastest way to insert new notes between existing notes? (using apple pencil)

edited December 2018 in Symphony Pro
Hi, I've written a series of quarter notes in a measure. I want to change the first quarter note into four 16th notes. If I use the apple pencil to add flags to it, it works – but now the notes that follow shift forward in time a bit. I can work with that, but it's a bit annoying since I'm used to Sibelius which will insert rests to fill in the time when I shorten a note.

But the thing I'm really struggling with is that there's very little room between the notes for me to insert the remaining 16th notes.

I've tried dragging the bar line, and that just creates space after the last note in the measure. If I draw something after the last note, they expand a bit, but not necessarily enough to fit in the 16th notes.

If I could drag a note horizontally the same way I can drag a bar line, I'd be set. As it is, it's slow and irritating.

I can't imagine I'm the first person to want to insert a new note between two existing notes :)  So, how do you do it?


  • well... not quite I guess. It does work pretty well. But I'd still like to be able to create space between the notes if possible so I can write in exactly what I want
  • Here’s the way I would do it (although there is more than one way):

    1) Enter 4 quarter notes in a measure
    2) Select the first quarter note (now highlighted in blue)
    3) TAP on the selected quarter note again (now becomes orange/gold) and a contextual popup menu appears
    4). TAP the ARROW on far RIGHT end of the menu to reveal more menu options
    5). TAP the SUBDIVIDE item
    6). CHOOSE 4x and your quarter note will be subdivided into 4 1/6th notes
    7). TAP the arrow on the far LEFT to reveal the previous menu items
    8). TAP the arrow on the far LEFT again to reveal more menu items
    9). TAP the BEAM menu item to beam the 16th notes.

    It sounds like a lot of steps, but once you do it a few times, it’s very fast and note justification for that measure is automatic. 

    IF you were to do this to, let’s say, the 3rd quarter note in the measure, you might find that the 4th quarter note ends up being pushed into the next measure.  This is a “flow” issue that can be fixed by grabbing the barline at the end of the measure and moving it to the RIGHT to suck in the notes that should be in the edited measure but which may have been pushing into the subsequent measure.

    Ideally (feature request) when editing a measure and the program does a realization of the edit, reflow happens automatically and moves the barline appropriately so that no notes from a current measure are forced into the next measure. 

  • I forgot to mention that I sometimes TOGGLE the PENCIL mode button to force a reflow (icon to the right of the SELECT/WRITE button).  This seems to justify measures.  If there is a better way to force a reflow, please let me know. 
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