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How to enter staccato marks? Searching manual was fruitless.

 The manual has words about multiple staccatos but does not tell how to enter one simple staccato mark.  Very frustrating.


  • Easy,  There a couple of ways to do it. 

    Way One:
    1). Make sure the ARTICULATIONS toolbar menu is selected (highlighted in blue).
    2). TAP on the STACCATO button to select it (highlighted in blue).
    3). TAP on the NOTE(s) you want to be marked staccato.

    NOTE: With the above approach, since the STACCATO button is turned ON and highlighted, any notes you tap will get the staccato marking,  TAP the staccato button (if highlighted) to toggle it off. 

    Way Two:
    1).  Select a note by tapping or lassoing, or select a range of notes (no need to “select region”, simply lasso or drag box over range of notes to highlight them in blue).
    2). With the ARTICULATIONS toolbar showing, tap on the STACCATO button.  All notes that have been selected will receive staccato marks.
    3). TAP somewhere else on the score to turn off (de-select) the staccato button. 

    The above two approaches seem to work for me. 
  • edited December 2018
    We appreciate your help for noting these key shortcuts, which are yet to reflected in the manual.
  • Thanks.  I finally found it too.  But please put it in the manual.  It is far from obvious which of several buttons is going to include the staccato sub-button.  
  • Also, the button for dotted notes and the one for staccato are indistinguishable.  Staccato button might be better labeled by a small note head with a dot over it.
  • @stan We appreciate your follow up, and excellent suggestions.
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