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Bulk Repeat instead of copy/paste

Hello again averybody!  

I find if there is a recurring pattern (ostinato or whatever) it is a pain in the neck to copy the measure and then paste in each siubsequent measure.  Is there a function that bulk repeats the contents of one measure into the next etc - similar to the Repeat function (command R) in Sibelius?

Many thanks!



  • edited December 2018
    This editing step can be conveniently & gesturally performed, by first creating a Note Select Area and entering Note Adjust Mode

    - A Note Selection of this mode can most readily be invoked by double-tapping any notehead in Select mode, or single-tapping next to one or more notes that are already highlighted. 
    -- To repeat multiple notes, a long-press next to the notes in Select mode, then dragging a rectangle over them will create a multi-note selection for this purpose among others.

    - The following menu items that will appear above the Note selection are specific to this mode. The highlighted option (Repeat) will then perform the task on the selection. A new selection with the repeated notes will be created afterwards, and you will be re-navigated back to these menu items automatically, which allow for the convenient repetition of one or even multiple note sequences within a given Note Select Area.

  • Philip - you are a lifesaver - thank you!
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