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Tying across bar lines using apple pencil

Hello - how is this done?  Symphony pro does not seem to recognize this at all.  I have to go in and add ties manually.  If this is the only option (and that seems ridiculous) then is there a way to tie all the notes of a chord simultaneously?  It seems I have to go in and add ties one note at a time, instead of to a whole chord.

Any tips?



  • Yes, you can tie chords across the bar line all at once.  Here’s what you do:

    1) Lasso the chord on the left to “select” it.  It should be highlighted in blue,
    2) Tap the arrow on the far right in the contextual popup menu to bring up a second menu
    3) Tap the TIE NOTES icon

    Bingo - all notes in the selected chord will tie across the bar line to the the same chord in the next measure all at once. 

  • Hey KPC - 

    Thank you - works like a charm!!
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