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Flags and beaming and tuplets

I've just started using Symphony Pro 5 on iPad Pro.  It's really wicked!  Overall, I love it!  

But now that I'm trying to write tuplets I'm finding it sometimes difficult to get the desired results.   For example, following the instruction in the PDF manual, it seems impossible to get a 7:4 set of quarter notes in a 4/4 measure.  Or, when doing something as simple as an 1/8th followed by 16th triplets, the flag of the first 16th note is pointing left, instead of being beamed with the 3 sixteenths.This makes readability poor.  If I select the three 16ths to BEAM them, then it breaks the beam with the 1/8th.  

Also, when building up a measure that might contain various tuplets for each beat in a 4/4 measure, the program starts changing the beaming as I continue to write in the measure after I've gotten them the way I want them (or close to what I want), and will sometimes merge beaming across beats 2 and 3 in a 4/4 measure. I've been able to select the groups. UN-BEAM and then RE-BEAM in order to get them back to where they should be.  Are tuplet groupings still a work in progress? And what about the flag direction?   Thanks. 


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    The beaming issues have largely been recognized and addressed, though we'd love to have you as a tester for the early access releases by emailing [email protected] and referencing this message.

    The question regarding custom tuplet fractions (e.g. 7:4), however, reflects an available feature, and is described in the manual under the Custom Tuplets chapter. In short, you can specify arbitrary ratios like these by:
    -- Highlighting 2 or more notes in Select mode, with a long-press next to the notes, then dragging over a range of contiguous notes.
    -- Double tap any of the selected note-heads to bring up Note Adjust mode.
    -- Choose 'Tuplet' from the menu items, and a dialog will appear in order to specify the custom ratio.
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