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Music without barlines

i am considering buying SymphonyPro. I write a lot of "barless" music. You can think about chants. Is this supported? Does all music have to have a time? 

Q1 In Finale I customize the time for each bar and hide the barlines and time signature. Is this alternative available in SymphonyPro? 

Q2 To indicate a custom time signature of e.g, 2 over a half note (rather than e.g. 2 over 3) I hide the time signature and add text boxes that I move in place so that it looks like a time signature. Is text in SymphonyPro movable anywhere in the score...?

thanks for helping to evaluate SymphonyPro before purchase...



  • edited December 2018
    You've raised excellent suggestions and inquiries. SP currently supports the barlines we've illustrated, but custom time signatures in the manner you've described (specifically, by selecting Time/Key instead at the bottom), as well as repositionable text boxes, are key supported features. Furthermore, the Measure Context Dialog (illustrated) is detailed further under the Measures chapter. Keep in mind that a two-finger tap gesture on the measure you wish to modify is the usual shortcut to open the dialog that is included in the following illustration.

    -- Example barline notations supported in 5.1 are illustrated below. Meanwhile, the ability to set barlines invisible will arrive by next big update, and will also be provided under Measure Dialog > Bars > Bar-Type.

    Regarding Refunds:

    -- While a free edition of the app is being considered, please consider the possibility that you can purchase in order to try SP hassle-free, by virtue of the ability to return your purchase if you're dissatisfied with it in any way. The return process is best detailed under the following link: https://www.imore.com/how-to-get-refund-itunes-app-store. This includes SP and/or the Handwriting IAP, and customers may let Apple know in any instance of such that we've approved of the refund request through iTunes.
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