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Handwriting problems

Is anyone else having a problem of using the handwriting feature consistently without triggering other functions with the pen? The following keep happening to me:

1) The program will take my first motion of the pen, even if the measure is already selected for written entry, as drag box selection or tap note entry. I can’t seem to find a way to consistently have it read the pen stroke as handwriting, and it seems random.

2) the program will kick me out of handwriting a measure in the middle of writing in notes, as though I’ve tapped outside of the box, but I haven’t. This also seems random.

I cant find rhyme or reason to either of these things.

Perhaps I’m doing something wrong. Am I missing something, perhaps?

Would love to hear people’s thoughts! 


  • edited December 2018
    @JBrahms Thank you for noting these key issues. The following are what you can expect will be resolved soon:

     - The first set of issues has been addressed for our next major update, which we're still attempting to ready by this year. We're still in the process of verifying that the ergonomics are comfortable for everyone without the handwriting process being preempted in the ways described, while the issue of marks not registering was resolved. We'd like to invite you to the early access for this reason alone.

     - The second issue requires more detail for us to confirm its resolution. This includes whether the measure being written to converted into formatted notation in the process of the issue occurring, and whether you were writing above, below, or somewhere else outside the leger lines. Nevertheless, SP will better infer which measure you're writing to such that the issue is less problematic. These improvements could also benefit from your testing & feedback.

    For the latter issue, we hope to have your clarification sent to [email protected].net, whereby you're welcome to let us know if you're interested in the early access.
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