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Chrod Symbols containing flats

Hi! I just bought your app from the app store for my ipad pro and I truely think it’s an awesome app! But there is a little problem. Whenever I type in chord symbols containing flats, the chord symbols kinda mash up together(the root and the fla). Is there anyway I can fix this? If not, please do an update😥 I beleive there are many people trying to make leadsheets with your app and this is kind of a big deal.


  • edited November 2018
    Thanks for sharing feedback. The issue will be addressed soon, in our next major update, which is still targeted for sometime this year. In light of possible delays, however, please look for an email shortly about an opportunity to register to the early access releases. 
  • I have same problem. If i do register to the early access releases, is this can be fixed? Then Please send me the email too
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