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Adding staffs or voices

Hi. I’m new to the program. I’m composing a choir piece that doesn’t use all parts at times. Is it possible to use, for example, soprano and alto on one verse, then add in tenor and bass for another verse, without tenor and bass showing in the previous verse? I’ve tried to figure it out with no luck. Thanks.


  • edited November 2018
    You've brought up an oft-requested feature, and its priority is close to the top of the list in terms of significant features. However, we will always be minding simplicity and context sensitivity in light of any introduced feature:
    --What will probably be introduced initially is the ability to change instrument for a given part-staff, and we hope that will suffice in the context you mentioned
    -- For the time being, one other thing to keep in mind is that multi-bar rests will reduce the number of pages in terms of the printout for empty part-sections
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