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Music to midi to score

hi, need some clrifiction if symphony can do this for me. I am not an expert and  looking for simple way to capture notes.
my kid has electronic keyboard with midi in/out. I got midi adapter and it works as I see signal on the iPad midi bridge. What I want to do is capture my daughter play and create music score automatically. Can I do this with this software  ? Any guidance would be appreciated or pointers to how to do it idiot proof way. Thank you!


  • edited October 2018
    The MIDI Record feature makes possible the above set of tasks, typically without configuration steps unless the external MIDI device or adapter in question isn't Core MIDI compatible. In the latter case, an adapter is recommended, especially iRig MIDI. A quick way to check is to open GB or to download a CoreMIDI diagnostic tool. 

    Typical steps to get started are as described:
    – Tap the Record button (within the Transport Controls) to enter Record Mode. A flashing Record button will indicate that the mode is active
    – Within the score, the semi-transparent red measure or staff will indicate the current Record Start Location. You can change the start location by tapping elsewhere on the score
    -- To change the number of staves to a grand staff or single staff, you can long press, then drag (vertically) over the new range of staves
    – In Record Mode, tapping the Record button again will begin recording from the currently highlighted measure in the score
    – To exit record mode, activate one of the Mode Selector buttons (Pencil or Cursor icon). A bug may currently make it necessary to deactivate & reactivate this expandable button.
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