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Change voices

I just bought the app and am quite disappointed there isn’t a way to change voices for particular notes/ranges. I come from Notion where this is possible. Please, please add this in the next version! 


  • edited October 2018
    The above task isn’t fully described in the help pages yet, though it is possible in 5.1:
    - First open the Region Select Menu (long press gesture in Select mode) at the start location of the note range of the swap
    - Resize or reposition the selection area using the handles to specify the range of the swap first 
    - Above the selection area, the Swap Voices menu item will complete the remaining steps via a dialog box. It will prompt you with options to select the other voice / layer with which to swap notes. 

    Further improvements are also scheduled for the next update regarding the reliability of the swap action, particularly if the range covers only a portion of an entire measure. As it’s a newer feature, please consider emailing [email protected] if you encounter any other issues, or have any suggestions for improvement in mind.
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