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Interactive file sharing?

faculty here love SP, but need to be able to share student documents interactivley, i.e. correct and grade assignmnent in the CANVAS LMS. FYI, students are using iPads and were all (144) required to purchase SP with pencil recognition. $9000 worth of support for SP! Admin want us to use Noteflight...please help!


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    An interactive score or document sharing platform has been in consideration for quite some time, particularly via iCloud/CloudKit, where the groundwork is already there for users to create accounts with shared databases other than their own iCloud account's storage (to which they can upload & live-share SP documents instead), so please stay tuned in this regard! 
     $9000 worth of support for SP! 
    On pricing, our applications are and always will be VPP Store for Education-supported, meaning that purchasing through this store deducts 50% per license. Enrollment is usually straightforward for eligibility, so please keep these discounts in mind. SP will remain $15USD/license (or half of that price for VPP customers), along with Handwriting remaining  $15USD/license for the foreseeable future, contrary to the $90/device figure above.

    As well, you're more than welcome to request promotional copies to pilot Handwriting and/or SP in your classroom, at any time and to the extent that new codes are available to us. To make a request, a brief email referencing this message will work just fine, and we will either provide the number requested, or let you know when they should be available again, in which case you should receive a reminder from a wait-list.
  • Thanks for all the info. FWIY, admin likes Noteflight because it integrates directly with the learning managment system CANVAS, widely used in the post-secondary educational community. Were Symphony Pro to integrate as well, it would be highly marketable as a preferred University level notation app...not least because faculty can evaluate and grade student submissions easily within the system. 
    Peter Saxe
    Columbia College Chicago 
  • Pete – We contacted you over your registered email about the availability of promotional copies, some additional questions, and other details that you might find relevant.
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