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Underscore going nuts

Sometimes there are underlines straight through the lines of text. I didn‘t even use them in those parts. They also appear in a generated pdf. See the attached link.


  • edited October 2018
    You're welcome to email any score you wish to export to PDF affected by this particular issue to [email protected], and we will be happy to return a fixed document, as it's been addressed for the following update.

    Alternatively, please note that:
    - Exporting the project to MusicXML will preserve the lyrics as you originally wrote them, and opening the file in a desktop editor will also do the job in resolving the rendering bug
    - You are also more than welcome to install our early access/preview releases in light of the degree of inconvenience caused by the bug. If interested, don't hesitate to email us about this as well, with just a short subject line referencing your report. You'll then receive an installation link briefly following the request. 
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