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yesterday I purchased Symphony Pro with the handwriting recognition tool in order to write with iPencil. It took me one hour to write 3 bars for voice and piano, something that I find very frustrating. The app couldn't neither register the notes I was writing or the rhythm. I've tried several apps and this one was the most difficult to write on of them all. App Store is already refunding me for the Symphony Pro app, and the Handwriting Recognition Tool won't be in use anyway. I hope that you will refund me for the inn-app purchase as well.

Best regards


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    Sorry that you were having trouble. Any further detail regarding what led to your decision to return SP would be greatly appreciated, as our app makes it easy to correct mistakes, for which a guide is available here, and includes important shortcuts/gestures like the lasso select.

    Recognition and canvas accuracy & precision are nevertheless always being improved, so further details about shortcomings would be appreciated via email.

    Regarding refunds, the process for IAPs is identical to returning the app itself, and they're rendered within a few business days. The following link is a step by step guide, but if you haven't received one, we'll gladly refund you directly via email, along with a payment receipt:

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    I have the same problem as Monica. I'm trying to enter simple chords for the piano, with accidentals, using Apple Pencil and the in-app Pencil purchase. I have a new iPad Pro.
    I just don't think this app is ready for use as advertised, and the online help is not well organized or helpful enough.

    1) There was a long delay between writing the notes and recognition. This is MUCH slower than writing by hand.
    2) Adding notes to a chord often wants to start a new chord,  and adding a dotted symbol to a note also wants to add a new note, which then might exceed the time capacity of the measure.
    3) When adding a note using the keyboard instead, it put in an accidental out of the key signature (when no accidental was needed at all). In A flat major, tapping the A flat it entered a G sharp. Also a couple of times, the key signature changed without warning back to the default.
    3) I used UNDO copiously but it shouldn't be necessary for simple input and editing. Like Monica, it took me a long time to enter three measures and I don't feel that this will become quicker or more usable.
    4) An erase tool would be preferable if you want to change something out of sequence.

    I would like to get a refund of the app purchase price and the in-app Pencil tool. Maybe I'll try again in a year or two.

    Thank you, 
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    edited May 2019
    Thanks for sharing feedback. We've been working on most of the above issues, although there are current workarounds in relation to your complaints that take some practice to find and get used to. Although refund instructions have been provided to your registered email, we hope you'll continue to give our app patience for these reasons and that your valuable feedback will continue.
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    I’ve tested the app for a week now, and I think, like @Gert, I will return in 2-3 years or so, I think you’re doing a good job though, just need some time. Until then I would like to have my money back, both, the app itself and the handwriting recognition tool, since I’m a poor musician :) Apple support won’t let me refund the in-app Pencil Tool, that’s why I’m asking here. Thank you in advance and see you soon hopefully. Kind regards 
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