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Ghost notes

Is there a way to notate ghost notes? (A jazz notation with a notehead between parentheses, indicating that a note is to be played very lightly & short, functioning more as a rhythmic fill than a melody note)

If not, I'd really like to see this feature in a future release.


  • edited September 2018
    A convenient way to apply this notation to a note selection (in Select mode), or newly added notes (in Pencil mode), can be found under the Noteheads Expandable button, which (by default) has the X note-head chosen as "active" initially (illustrated below, in expanded form).

    As with any such button (indicated by a small arrow at the top), the active tool/symbol can be switched to a different option in a single gesture. First press to expand the icon into a small menubar. In this case, slide over to the following icon (highlighted red) to switch the Expandable button to the requested notation:

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