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I want to get fefund both the Symphony Pro and Handwriting Recognition Tool. The crash keeps occuring, can’t write music at all. 


  • edited September 2018
    The above seems to be a crash that was fixed for the next (major) update to SP, and occurred in instances where time signature and/or meter was customized (including when time signatures were disabled). The latter condition appears to be relevant based on what you illustrated in your helpful demo.

    – Given the inconvenience/severity of the issue, you are more than entitled to a full refund. For either SP and/or the Handwriting IAP, they are rendered entirely without hassle by Apple, and within a few business days.  Precise instructions are available here
    – As an alternative to refund, however, you are welcome to request early access to the upcoming release (5.3), which will help us ensure that we've eliminated any further crashes; this was otherwise an issue we've now addressed for our beta releases

    – Regardless, we hope you may export the affected document (from your demo) as a SYM file under the Export Menu. Then checkmark SYM under file type, before choosing Email as the export destination, to our support address, which will help us make further verifications

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