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I'm composing a piece that has some quite complicated tuplets, with some containing 20 notes. Can you please tell me how to do custom tuplets on the latest version of Symphony Pro for iPad. The help guide that you've put on there is very confusing, unclear and not helpful in the slightest when it comes to telling you how to do custom tuplets.


  • I think your help menu needs updating or changing because there is no button labelled "Tuplet" or "Custom Tuplet" as described apart from the preset tuplet button on the note selection menu, none of which are suitable for my piece. The whole changing the notes to crotches and pressing "Tuplet" is incredibly confusing and unclear and it doesn't even work when I follow the manual, I give up.
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    Great question, along with aspect of confusion to point out. A bug has been made known, residing entirely with our application, that's causing the issue. Namely, you will first want to highlight the notes in Select Mode, then switch into Note Adjust Mode by single-tapping any note-head within the selection. 

    - After switching the note-heads to orange by effect, the first menu item on the left (Tuplets, highlighted) will bring up a dialog box to specify the tuplet ratio, which is the necessary initial step here 

    - So to clarify – it will only be after including a custom-defined tuplet note value (from above step) as a note selection will a "custom" ratio appear where you initially looked (Notes Toolbar > Triplet/Tuplet Expandable Button)

    Let us know if you're still experiencing issues despite the above precondition/contingency steps.
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