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Hide time signature

i am preparing pedagogical material, for which I just want noteheads. I’ve put in a meter to allot each exercise one line of the page. I would like to make that meter invisible. For the time being, I’ve eliminated the stems of the notes individually, although I’d like a global option for that.


  • edited August 2018
    Excellent questions. Meter/time signature can be hidden from the current score via the following steps:
    – Open the Measure Dialog on the very first bar of the score
    – With Time/Key chosen at the bottom, choose Configure Meter under the Custom Time heading
    – Turn on the switch labeled 'Hide Meter' (as highlighted below):

    If you have any issue with our new features in Version 5, or have other questions, we're always glad to be of assistance.

    An automatic way to hide stems, OTOH, will be included in our next major update, whose App Store release remains planned for sometime this month or otherwise this summer. 

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