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Why did you remove the hemidemisemiquaver note option?

You used to have this on your app but for some reason you've gotten rid of it. This was the main reason I picked your app over another similar sheet music maker app. I desperately need hemidemisemiquavers for my composition and I'm quite annoyed that it's no longer there. Please can you add this option in your next update? Thank you!


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    edited July 2018
    @SophieMaycroft Excellent question - 64th/hemidemisemiquaver note values, among other toolbar items encompassing non-standard or non-ubiquitous notations, can be enabled as described under Note Properties > Additional Preferences

    - Opening the Score Menu, then looking for "Home Screen App Settings.." will navigate you more quickly to relevant toggle switch, which is labeled Show 64th Note

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