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Ukulele notation

 hi! How can I set up tablature for ukulele? If this is not a feature yet, I'd love to see it on the next update. I'll use that before shakuhachi 😊


  • Hi, please update with ukulele tablature
  • edited December 2018
    We'll be sure to update the app with built-in uke tab templates. @pfallows12 was kind enough to share a ukelele template earlier this year, and it reflects the most standard tuning from our evaluation.

    - Tuning can be modified from within any opened project. In this instance, first create a new score from template (Uke Tab with Staff) after importing it. Then open Instrument Properties for any part containing tablature (under Instruments menu > Ukelele), and options to modify its tuning will be available under the Tuning / # of Strings header.

    - Other Notes:
    -- It's also possible start from a Guitar Tab with Staff or other template containing a tablature instrument in order to arrive at the desired tuning configuration, via the identical steps above.
    -- One or more instruments from Template can be added to an existing score from the Instruments menu. From the bottom-right corner of the menu, choose new instrument (+ sign), then Templates from the available categories.

    The Uke template can be downloaded from the following link, then imported into SP via iTunes File Sharing, email, DropBox, or iCloud Drive as one would an exported project, MIDI or MusicXML file:


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