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Latency issue

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Hi I bought now Symphony for my iPad but I notice a LATENCY with my midi controller CME Xkey

I’m really unsatisfacted and it's impossibile to work with latency. I bought it exclusively for use with midi controller.

Please correct it as soon as possible... with other app as GarageBand my cme works perfectly without latency issue

Technical Information (Please include any message above line)
Device: iPad6,11
iOS Version: 11.4
App Version: 5.1.9


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    Sorry that you're having issues particular to SP's MIDI connectivity. Please provide as much detail as possible on the following, as soon as you have the opportunity:
    1. Whether the Xkey is a BlueTooth (Air) model or USB; if the latter, whether it's connected via MIDI adapter, standard Apple adapter (which should correspond to USB 2.0 to Lightning Cable for iPad Air or newer; otherwise a Camera Connection Kit with earlier models), or a different configuration.
    2. An earlier bug (<=5.0-5.1.0) that was however resolved can't be ruled out in all cases given 5.1.9; to make sure you're not encountering this particular issue, we also advise the following: (A) if the Instruments Expandable Button is activated such that either On-Screen Instrument (piano or fretboard) is open, it's recommended to try switching the expandable button such that 'MIDI' is selected as the chosen input mode (which will dismiss any On-Screen input UI). (B) make sure (as always) to check that your version is up-to-date (5.1.9), given that this was thought to be an earlier bug.
    Let us know if you need clarification on the first question or if issues persist. We've tested on the Xkey Air model among other wireless input devices with success on our pre-release build as well as 5.1.9 without issue, however, which is why it's important to ascertain your configuration.  
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