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Specifying text/instructions for individual staff/part vs all

When adding text (ex. Moderato or Solo), how do you get the text to apply to a single part/staff? Or how do you get it to apply/display to all parts? 
I'm working on an arrangement for string quartet. Sometimes, when I enter text on a particular part ("Solo" for viola), the text will then appear on all parts. Yet, when I want to add a tempo marking such as Moderato in the middle of a piece, I can't always get it to apply to all parts.


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    Good question. This is a known limitation that has yet to surface, but it'll most likely make it this month, which includes a major update/set of improvements to be scheduled for.
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    Most symbols listed under Expressions (or otherwise global (staff system) text boxes) should stay present at the top of the staff, after reducing your score to a specific part(s), however.

    If this property isn't the case for a particular text box, make sure to first select this Score Symbol element in the score, to bring up the available context menus for that element (available items are illustrated below, in the case of text boxes). Then choose 'Make System Text' to manually specify that the textbox should be an expression or global symbol, meaning it will remain anchored to the top staff; this doesn't have an inverse edit at the moment without an undo:

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    Very helpful would be to make a visual difference between a system text and a standard text, e.g. 
    - putting an asterisk (*) after it
    - different colour for text box frame
    - ...
    the context menu should also allow toggling a textbook between system text and a text for one specific staff. 
    Could this be added to one of the following releases?
  • any update concerning this topic & possible improvements in SP 6.0 ?
  • I am trying to add "senza sord" to just one part in a quartet score.  I've added the textbox and haven't selected "make system text", and yet it's showing up in all four parts.  How do I get it to only show up in one part?
  • @bheimburger
    this option isn't available yet, but is now a planned feature.
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