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some qestion, tempo, voiceover support

Hi! First I apologize for writing a translator, but my English knowledge is not perfect. I've been blind since my birth and my hobbies are composing. I now learn from a teacher, because I want to deepen her deeply. I've been searching for an application that is blindly used for spinning for years. now I find it in the synphonypro application. I've also bought it, and I think it works great with voiceover. I work with Mac machines in a desktop environment and use the logic pro app. I've been playing Windows over the years, but I've found that you can only edit music on a mac-based system, especially with the logic pro application because it is becoming more and more accessible. I really like the synphony pro, but I get stuck in a question: This is the tempo. In vain, I give the playback speed of the instruments dialog, it does not change what I set up with voiceover. If I set an expression in the expression window, it does not go as I would like. The shift-T command also randomly sets the tempo. My question: how can I set the pace to a constant value? . My other question is, are there blind people with whom I can contact you? Will there be a version available on the Mac? The program itself is very promising, and I would like to thank the development team for taking care of blind people so much. If such a version would come under OSX, it would be on the can. Hi: Viktor


  • hola  tengo un piano el cual tiene instalado el pianodisc 
    y me gustaría que me ayudara a adaptar un dispositivo para que por medio de bluthoo pueda trasferir datos de música desde mi iphone o iphad gracias 
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