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Harp - Composing for full orchestra.

I bought the iPad Pro version of Symphony 5 recently. When I went to add instruments to a full orchestral score I wanted to work on, I noticed that the Harp was only available to add as single treble clef, and not the standard treble+ bass clefs. When I went to add the Harp twice, what I got was two treble clefs. Please update the app to show the Harp as a two handed instrument,  I.e. a treble+bass instrument.


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    Thanks for pointing it out; we've fixed this limitation. For now, you can fix this issue with only  few additional steps, by following the instructions specified here, regarding how to create a Part/Staff group. Creating a grand staff will be the latter, and will combine otherwise two parts into one (a dialog box will appear when following these steps, prompting you regarding the these options).
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    Many thanks.

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