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Key signatures

How do I change key signatures in the middle of a piece? If I make a change in the score menu, it changes the signature from the beginning--which I don't want to do.


  • If you haven't figured it out already: a two-finger tap on the appropriate bar will bring up the Measure Dialog; choose Time/Key at the bottom to find the appropriate submenu. Dismissing the dialog will prompt you for whether you'd like to transpose any notes as to follow the new key.
  • Thank you! I'll try that.
  • what does it mean when it sks about transposing notes. I had you ey set at the beginning of you score. Iused the template to create a satb score,  then I chosethe key bwhen I add notes, it isn't playing the sharps etc from the key signature. What am I doing wrong.  
  • @musiclady78
    When a prompt appears (after changing the key signature) about whether you want to transpose notes, it's asking whether you want the notes to be adjusted so that they are relative to the new key, or otherwise, keep their absolute pitches the same.

    The incorrect playback, however, is an issue that you might see in Horizontal Scroll, and choosing Vertical Scroll is advised in that case. There were other bugs of this nature that will be fixed in version 6. In any case, we would appreciate a copy of the project by emailing it to us as soon as possible.
  •  At  themoment, I have a piece in g-minor. But when I enter notes, it's not playing as it should. It is playing like it's in c major. Which option I need to select to fix this? I'm blind and using voiceover, and this is driving me crazy because I redly partly on the playback when entering notes!  
  • @musiclady78
    Thanks for letting us know. Are you entering notes via the QWERTY keyboard or the On-Screen Piano?

    In either case, turning off Concert Pitch from the Navigation Menu > Score Menu if you have a transposing score will ensure that you are entering notes in the transposing key signature.

    If the above suggestion didn't help, we'd like further detail, particularly about how you entered the note, what you expected the output to be, and what the actual output was.
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