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Hi Support

first of all, thank you for this great app.

I am a classical musician and I have recently discovered your application.

I love it very much but some features, quite importants, are desperately missing and it will be a relief if you could fix that.

In fact, some scores are impossible to be written properly without them.

For instance chopin scores.

for most, not to say all, polyphonic instrumeHe's have the melody written on the G key and the other part on the F key. So it easier to read and also to understand that the melody on both keys must be played with the same hand.

With symphony we cannot do so as the system will move the part of the ”F key” mouldy to the beginning of the measure bar, which is not what we want.

Another feature is missing:

We have the expression sFt, FF, mF bet nothing for dim. please add this feature

i have many other observations to make but for now I would live to see this feature add

Best regards


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    edited March 2018
    Appreciate your insightful feedback!

    – The fact about differential key signatures with piano notation is new to us, but in light of similar requests regarding key, this is now a planned feature. For the time being, don't forget that transposing instruments have full support, including with respect to their appropriate key signatures.

    – You can expect the requested crescendi notation this month, but we'd certainly like to know your full list of suggestions! Please feel welcome to email us as the preferred channel, regarding any other notations you'd like to see, as well as general features & improvements. 
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