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Bug: Export/Import of Guitar Staff w/TAB (iPad iOS 11, SP 5)


I previously sent this problem directly to the support e-mail, but thought I would echo it here, since no one has yet contacted me regarding such

There seem to be serious bug in the musicXML Export/Import facilities. Due to to other problems I was having trying to link a standard staff with a TAB staff (previously posted to this forum), I tried a simple experiment, as follows:

I created simple score from the guitar staff with TAB template, with one measure of notes. I then exported that score to musicXML. I deleted it from the scores page. Next I imported the same musicXML to a new score.

The resulting score had no TAB staff, but instead had 2 standard staves which were not linked to each other.

Seems to me that whatever I export should be imported back without alteration.

Can this be fixed sooner, rather than later? I am otherwise impressed with the app and I would like to convert my existing material over as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance.
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