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Writing chord changes with Apple Pencil

The handwriting update is working great with the pencil for note input, but I can’t hand write chord changes above the staff! 
I must be missing something! I dream of just jotting down C7, dm7b5, E7b9 over my notes....... 
How is this done? 


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    Handwritten chord symbols is a commonly requested feature that we're certainly looking into this year. We could always use more specific suggestions over email correspondence, if you have anything to share.
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    I would love to encourage the team to work on supporting writing chord symbols over the staff with the Apple Pencil.....I’m a veteran tv/film composer and every cue I produce has a general “ road map” with melodic ideas, chord symbols etc..... please, we could really use this.
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    We're still working on this feature for the next version (6.0) or one of its updates, and appreciate your patience. 6.0 will at least allow you to write annotations above the staff with or without Apple Pencil. If you're interested in the early access of 6.0, you may send your receipt of SP to support@symphonypro.net in order to receive a download code.
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    I add my request for handwriting chord symbols.
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    Handwrithing chord symbols
    that would save me a lot of time
    great function i hope it is in version 6
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    edited July 2020
       I recently got this app, seems pretty amazing but its definitely missing the ability to add chord symbols like
    F#-7b5, dm, Cmaj.7. Still working on it? Looking forward!
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    You should be able to write those examples currently, as instructed here. If there is any issue please let us know by sending a screenshot or project file to support@symphonypro.net. Thanks!
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