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Multivoice tones for Grand Piano

Good morning Symphony!

I'd like to ask, how does the software distinguish, if I want to enter ( using stylus, but not handwriting mode ) multiple successive notes, or if I want to add notes above, like in a chord when entering notes for Grand Piano. 

Too often I do receive an error, that note I want to enter does already exceed length of a bar, when I dismiss the error, and I click on the very same spot, note is added as a chord. 

I am using Symphony Pro ( with Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3 stylus ) to enter music for my Clarinet play, some scores do also contain Piano accompanying track. Handwriting is not yet perfect with the stylus, so sometimes I am using just plain editing mode, and I first want to enter first chord, then second, third, fourth.

what is the preferred way to do it? are there some buttons in a sense of a cursor, which I can use to decide, whether I want to stay on same beat and enter notes in chord, or move a not forward?

many thanks in advance



  • Great questions, especially in regard to differentiating between Pencil/Select editing modes. 

    In short summary: Select (cursor icon) is the mode chosen by default when opening a Project. when inputting notes via on-screen piano or MIDI keyboard, this mode will keep the position of the cursor fixed in order to create notes & chords, or remove a note from a selected chord.

    The bottom left of the Score window has an expandable button to switch to Write mode (Pencil icon), and this will advance the cursor when entering a new note via piano/midi. The Pencil is also the tool you must choose before writing by tapping the score directly.

    -- For a more detailed guide (though still being improved), the Notes & Rests chapter of the manual goes over the two editing modes in detail. Flexibility is key with SP, and there isn’t a single preferred way to interact with the iPad to compose. 

    -- For direct help: Please consider including a screen capture of the editing tasks you want to accomplish, or tasks you’re having trouble with, preferably over email. Again, we'd like a better idea of your specific difficulties.

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