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Is there a way to transform a group of notes rhythmically?

Hi all!
I can see in the Symphony Pro 4 screenshots that there is the ability to apply augmentation or diminution to the rhythms of a melody, and in Symphony Pro 5 I see this option for 1 note - but when I have a region selected in 5, I can't seem to figure out how to do this to a group of notes. Is this possible? I'm using Apple Pencil as well if that matters.


  • @joshpar Great question. The same set of context options (i.e. Note Adjust menu) should be presentable using the same gesture, regardless of note selection length. There are two ways to enter into Note Adjust mode:
    1. Double tapping any of the highlighted/blue noteheads, if no menu items are showing
    2. Tap once on any highlighted notehead to enter into this mode. In particular, this works if context items are already showing; otherwise you will need to double tap. 
    If you've tried either possibility without success, a screen capture would be appreciated of an example note selection that failed to work. Please include this in a quick email to [email protected], which we'll address promptly, thanks!
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