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Writing Drum Notes with Apple Pencil

How can I manage this? I choosed the Drum Template, writing an „x“ for HiHat on the top of the staff does not work...


  • This feature isn't offered yet, but it's often-requested, and something in consideration for an update coming soon, perhaps even this year.
  • I also need that feature!!! Please
  • I often add percussive elements to my guitar parts. Notating these parts is always a nightmare, particularly if you want playback to send to the performers.

    I would love to be able to notate normal guitar notes with guitar samples (classical in my case) while simultaneously notating percussion (in another voice) using a percussion (or sound effects) samples.  

    If there were a way to INSPECT a given note and assign it to sample, that would be great.  IF sample granularity on a note basis is impossible or impractical, assigning the sample to a VOICE LAYER might be reasonable.  

    It would be wicked to be able to do that.  There are other sound effects that could be assigned to a layer and notated.  And if we could load our own samples based on a required format, that would be awesome. 
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    Excellent suggestions! Per-layer and per-note are both being considered for updates in version 6, as although it's been requested in the past, we've promoted their importance (especially playback customizations/parameter changes within a track in some form, and through leveraging different symbols). 

    For now, we hope you've considered the customizability of samples for a given percussion staff:
    - Opening the Properties menu (highlighted) for an instrument (by first opening the Instruments menu and choosing its part name from the track list).
    - In the case of a Drum Set instrument, the aforementioned customizability includes the ability to change which notehead and staff position correspond to one of the available percussion samples, and can be accessed from Instrument Properties as highlighted:

  • The customization of the percussion track is fantastic!  

    Looking forward to being able to add some guitar specific percussion to a guitar track.  Examples would include:

    - muted strum (pitchless)
    - tamboura 
    - golpe
    - nails tapping on sides
    - nails tapping on soundboard
    - fingers (flesh) tapping on sides
    - fingers (flesh) tapping on soundboard
    - brush simulation using palm or fingers of the hand on guitar sides or soundboard
    - plucked strings behind the nut
    - harmonics
    - pizz
    - Bartok pizz

    I would be happy to create a range of those samples for you if you provide me with the format you need
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