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MIDI import problem

Symphony Pro seems to me to do a pretty good job overall of importing MIDI files. The main problem is that long notes and rests often break the standard rules for extending across beats. For example, if a 4/4 bar consists of an eighth note followed by a long rest, the rest gets generated as a half rest followed by three eighth rests, which is backwards. If there is an eighth note followed by a long note, the latter gets generated as a half note (wrongly extending across beat 3) tied to shorter notes. It's extremely time-consuming to fix these obvious problems in every bar of the generated score (especially since SP5 no longer allows you to change the length of just the first note or rest in a tie group!), and it would be great if this could be fixed.


  • Thanks @Redwave, this should be fixed in the current update (5.1.5), but keep us posted if you encounter overlooked cases or related difficulties.
  • Trying to download Midi files, but see no access, missing something ? Something I'm not doing ? Help !
  • The symphony pro Icon does not appear when trying to download Midi files.
  • Since iTunes on PC no longer allows directly loading files into apps, I usually put MIDI files into a DropBox folder. Then select the MIDI file in the DropBox app, hit the "..." button in top right corner, "Export" and "Open In..." to load it into Symphony Pro. I don't know if there's an easier method. You can also email the MIDI file to yourself: when I click on the attachment in Gmail it gives me the option to open in Symphony Pro.
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