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SymPro5 problems on Ipad

Does anyone else have difficulty with version 5 on their Ipad?  The most regrettable change is Stage Grand Piano is no longer available and the piano voice is ridiculous and tinny by comparison. I've written 3 times to SymphPro with no reply. Frustrating


  • My ipad ist 41/2 years old. I encounter the same problems. The sound of the piano. When switching Midiconnection app shuts down.
  • @Herbert The MIDI Connections crashing issue was fully addressed in 5.0.9, but let us know if you're still experiencing issues. 

    @Erikules27 We'll be improving playback quality of the piano a lot further, and in a following update this week. 

  • Thank you, but the stage grand piano voice was an optimal voice, sounding as close to a real piano than anything I've heard. 
  • Exporting projects is problematic now with version 5. I export to ForScore, ends up with bars missing. Also I can no longer export from within a project. The function is there but doesn't seem to work. Please help! I use this app for work.
  • In the message from October 18th above refers to a next update that improves the grand piano “a lot futher”. Do you have a rough idea when to expect that?
  • edited October 2017
    I have to say, this last update Fukt up everything I was used to. I went into a song I just wrote and functions that worked before now just malfunct.  Sym Phony Pro just fukt up big; you went backwards with some of your “refinements”. If it aint broke dont fukin fix it!  I still appreciate the app - one just has to “work around” the updated quirks.
           And please!, 
            bring back the pre-updated version of
                                      Stage Grand Piano (way superior to the piano voice now offered). 

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