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Symphony Pro 5 Release

edited January 2018 in Symphony Pro

Questions or bug reports 

Feel free to post questions/issues about SP5 or the Handwriting IAP below or as a new thread.

Promotional Notes

- Version 5 is a free upgrade for new & existing owners

- Version 4 Complete Bundle now offered as free IAP

New in 5.0

For full details, visit symphonypro.net/5

- SP now recognizes your handwriting into formatted notation as you edit. 
    * Perfect with Apple Pencil, and works great with touch or capacitive stylus
    * Learn more by visiting http://bit.ly/v5-handwriting

- View & edit with continuous vertical scrolling layout
Split Screen window support to bring open another app window alongside SP
- Export Menu now features an ‘All Parts’ option under Export Options to export individual instruments as separate printouts
- Part names/labels are customizable in font/color under Score > Display Settings > Part Labels  

- Better MusicXML interoperability with Dorico, Sibelius™, MuseScore, and Finale™ by supporting dozens of new elements and improved accuracy of existing elements to the latest MusicXML standard
Vector/SVG support for documents exported to PDF & AirPrint
- Customizable document margins under Display Settings > Page Sizes
- Numerous other import & export enhancements & bug fixes to PDF, MIDI, MusicXML formats

Professionally sound-designed instruments for 36 of the orchestral, wind, and percussion/unpitched percussion libraries
- When starting playback mid-score, preceding score dynamics & tempo changes are now pre-simulated, meaning the performance is always consistent no matter where you begin
- Tap any location on score during playback to instantly seek to corresponding bar/beat
Bluetooth MIDI devices can now be connected with the app

- As of the official launch of SP5, both existing & new customers who’ve purchased Symphony Pro are able to download this app for free on their iPhone

- Symphony Pro now allows you to define how beams are grouped by default by entering a custom meter pattern: Described under Measure Dialog > Time/Key > Configure Meter
- Use the On-Screen Piano to easily enter Percussion notes from Drum Staff via new Heads-Up Display
Notation to Tab support when copying & pasting: See the full release notes for details
- Favorited Category for Score Symbols Toolbar provides quick access to commonly used articulations, dynamics, expressions, and text elements of your choice
Customizable text for Rehearsal/Section labels: first select the symbol, then choose Edit Section Text

- If Apple Pencil is your input device, SP takes advantage of its improved precision across touch-based commands, as well as for Handwriting Recognition
- Two-finger swipe left/right to undo/redo
- Two-finger swipe vertically to toggle between the two editing modes (Write/Select)
- Note Quick-Highlight allows you to long-press a notehead and drag vertically to edit pitch seamlessly with a stylus

- Use the search bar when viewing the Shortcut List (Option+K) to filter commands by keyword
New shortcuts include:
    * Jump to a specific bar number (Cmd+Shift+G)
    * Extend selection by entire measure (Cmd+Shift+Left/Right arrow)
    * Switch to a different Score Symbols toolbar category (Cmd+1..5)
    * Toggle Note Properties menu (Ctrl+N)
-  Numerous workflow improvements for QWERTY-only editing, to save as much time as possible for VoiceOver and sighted users alike


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    so far tablature is unusable with the handwriting feature.  This has proven very frustration.  Using an apple pencil on my iPad pro has been very slow and clunky.  I hope that the program will be able to recognize numbers and letters very soon as this would speed up input tremendously
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    So when is version 6 coming? I’m very enthusiastic about Symphony Pro. It’s my main composition tool.
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    Nice-to-have features in version 6:

    - Show the played keys during play-back
    - piano-roll display as in Synthesia

    Symphony Pro is great, if it was perfect.
    Have a look at "Ludwig 3". 
    But many thanks so far to the developers!
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