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How to upgrade from version 4 to 5 after upgrading on iPad without paying again?

I just upgraded to Version 5 (with the full Version 4 bundle, which I purchased earlier) on my iPad and purchased the Handwriting Tool (which does not work, see my other post). It is noted, that users of Version 5 on iPad get the app on iPhone for free. So I tried to upgrade my iPhone Version 4 but I do not get it for free. Appstore asks me to agree to purchase it for €16.99. So how can I upgrade my iphone Version 4 to Version 5 without having to pay once more?


  • Was this question ever answered? Does the iPhone app come for free for purchasers of Symphony Pro for the iPad?
  • @mikeor
    Yes, a new or existing copy of SP comes with a universal iPhone edition at no extra costs, and provides more features than the standalone iPhone app.

    Sorry for missing your earlier question. If you've made sure that you own or already own Symphony Pro instead of Symphony for iPhone, next check already purchased apps on your iPhone, by following the instructions here (by typing Symphony Pro under the search field). If you're still unable to download SP5 for free on iPhone, please email us.
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