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Version 5 Handwirting Tool doesn‘t display handwirting

I just upgraded to Version 5 and purchased the Handwriting Tool.
I‘m using:
iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, iOS 11, I also restored my purches to ensure, that everything is in sync.
I created a new sheet, switched to edit mode, enabled Handwriting Tool and enabled „Use Apple Pencil“. Now I‘m trying to write notes with the Apple Pencil, but my strokes are not displayed on the screen. After trying to scetch more notes, all of a sudden notes are popping up on places, whrere I tried to scetch notes before.
It looks like as is if the app remebers where I want to scetch notes, but dose not display my scetches. After pointing to other places, the notes somehow pop up, but it is very unreliable.
My pencil is working properly in other scetching apps.
Do I have to activate something else, or is this a bug?


  • edited October 2017
    @RassoSteinmann incredibly sorry about the bug. An update addressing one particular case is on the way, if you’ve chosen Print Layout as opposed to Vertical or Horizontal Scroll, under Score menu > View Mode. If this applies to your project, the only guaranteed workaround is switching to one of the other two options. Or let us know if you’re experiencing issues despite the workaround.
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