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Question on lag time and quantization

Hi Guys,
Love the program. I have already done several songs and one choral / orchestral work in an earlier version. The issue I’m having now is with quantization in playing from a PSRS950. No matter how careful I play, there are still rests where I didn’t have any. Also, there seems to be a bit of lag time in playing and hearing notes while recording. Any ideas??.
Thanks again for making this...


  • Thanks for the feedback, Jeff. MIDI latency should never occur with USB, but will definitely occur with wifi or even Bluetooth. Do you still hear a delay when using the On-Screen Piano to record? The sound on registering a note coincides with when the note is recorded, so any sort of latency here will reduce accuracy significantly.
  • Hi
    I have the same problem. Lag time When I use my USB MIDI cable connected through iReg2 or if I just use the On-Screen piano.
    Can you guys please hele me about this?
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    Sorry that you are having issues. Please consider emailing us for beta access since we fixed several MIDI latency issues specifically. A delay with the On-Screen Piano is new, however, so we would like to request more technical (iOS/device) information, which can be generated and sent via the following:
    1. Open SP/Symphony Help > Help Menu
    2. At the top, you should see a 'Feedback' option
    3. Choose Other, or Bug Report, for general reliability submissions as is the case here. An email dialog will appear
    4. At the bottom should be an automatically generated message, "Technical Information (Please keep this information in your message)". You may cut and paste the paragraph below this to include in a reply below; or you may simply send the email with subject line referring to this forum post.

  • I use SP5 on ipad pro 12.9 2017 256g mem. I was hoping to use SP5 for serious composing/recording with my yamaha P-115 midi keyboard, but the midi latency is terrible. Absolutly impossible to play a track and record another track. For example, after manually entering a melody line, i try to play in chords or a bass line is just not possible. 
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    This is definitely a major bug on part of SP, so will be resolved in the next major update. Moreover, the following details would be helpful in verifying and resolving the issue:
    – Whether the connection was through Bluetooth or USB, and/or MIDI adapter (if the latter, the adapter model). However, we've recognized similar issues involving USB connections, meaning this is part of the immediate bug resolution roadmap.
    – Whether the latency is also an issue when recording using the On-Screen Piano. If so, we recommend switching to a pitched percussion or keyboard instrument while recording.
    – Also, notating a stringed, woodwind, or brass instrument part currently introduces significant latency (in 5.1) when those instruments receive MIDI messages (and therefore while notating the part with live-record), which also will be resolved in 6.0.
  • Hello,
    I also have the same problem with my usb midi devices. the lag time is approximately a sixteenth note at 80bpm. no usefull results with this problem.
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