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"-8 Hours"?

I've been using free iPhone version of the application, and I noticed that I've reached my limit of exporting my projects.

(Although I've literally never exported anything! After I pushed both Soundcloud & email to export each different files, I accidently went back to that screen before I've exported into Soundcloud and my email. But the pop-up said I've reached my limit.)

 And then I saw this pop-up when I tried to export afterward.

"Exporting disabled for another 23 hour(s)"

Oh, I thought, then I'd be able to export again after one day. So I waited.
But the next day, I looked again at my app, and then I realized that I still could not be exported, but the most strange thing is, they've been counting until -8 hours!

I think this is a bug or a glitch.
Can you help me with this?


ETA: I use iPhone 5, with iOS 10.3.1, running the app version of 4.4.4


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    jessieyun0404 Sorry about the issue. Exporting with Symphony iPhone was broken on the Free Edition prior to 4.5.5*, such that the rate limiting prevented further exporting more often than it should. The update today finally addresses this.
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