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Cannot change key

I have recently purchased Symphony pro and the extra features bundle.

Before my bundle trial expired I was able to change key in any measure I wished, but simply clicking the desired measure. Now, no matter what I do, the key will change for the entire piece, rather than from the selected measure forward.

This is extremely frustrating and any help would be much appreciated


  • Sorry about your difficulty. Assuming you’ve invoked the Measure Dialog context menu for changing key, there’s a reliable way to tell that menu to limit the editing range, if you haven’t tried it already:

    [1] Bring up the Copy/Paste rectangle in Select mode, and [2] drag its handles to match the extents you intend. [3] Then, look for a context item labeled ‘Edit Measures’ above the selection area. This manual section describes everything further on how to show the above context item. 

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