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I have a Problem and hope that i can find here help. I create a lot of technical parts and create a lot of section. Now my Problem. I would reset the Numer ore Letters which he count. I let count them from a to f. Than i create a other technical lesson and would start the section count from a. Is this possible. 
Here is a Link to my Dropbox picture. You can see the letters from a to f. At Number No.1.2 i will start again from a. Please help me. Thanks 
https://www.dropbox.com/s/kf2toz2alvi1mn3/Section Choice.png?dl=0


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    This isn't possible yet, but the upcoming release will at least provide a way to customize text. Automatic re-numbering from a specific bar will also be considered.

    With the latest existing release (4.2.76), the best possible way to work around this limitation is to add a text box in the place of a rehearsal mark, and you can find the appropriate tool under the Score Symbols Expandable Button > Text Category. Then highlight the capital-A symbol to enable it. Note you can also enlarge a text box's individual font by selecting it, after which a Font menu item will appear
  • Thanks for the fast answere. I will wait for the next update.
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