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Remove system break?

After adding a system break, I'm unable to remove it. The intuitive thing seems to be to select the bar where the break was applied, go to Staff Menu/Staff Layout, & tap on Apply System Break to uncheck it, but when I do that, the menu just closes & the system break is still there.


  • edited March 2017
    LennyNY: Sorry about the issue. One trick that might work here is a long-press gesture next to a staff in Select mode. You can then drag a box over one or more system break indicators to edit more quickly. You will see a delete context item appear after highlighting them and releasing your finger.

    You can do likewise with bars-per-line indicators (i.e. padlock icons) that show on the left side of the page, or simply tap them. Removing these automatically-placed elements is currently an additional requirement to remove a system break, but getting rid of the one above the system break staff should take care of the difficulty. 
    If you need anything else, we'll definitely be returning to you sooner next time!
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