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Crescendo doesn't work

After placing a crescendo icon I find no change in the volume of the instrument (for example flute) during playback.

What do I need to add or change to make it work?



  • What you've noted turned out to be a major bug, sorry about that!

    We've since fixed the issue in the latest preview release of SP5, and we'd like to extend you an invitation to download this more reliable installation of Symphony Pro by registering under the following webpage. It contains some information about what to expect in Version 5, and a signup form at the bottom if you choose to take advantage of this opportunity. 


    Despite the registration deadline implied by the banner, you'll be exempt from that restriction, and be able to install Version 5 as soon as you register.

    SP Team
  • SP Team, thanks for your prompt support on this issue!

    I have registered for the version 5 preview and waiting for your email with the invitation link.

    After installation and testing I will inform you if the crescendo bug is resolved. I must say that I am a bit surprised that nobody else mentioned this bug earlier (I am a new user). But ok, one has to be the first to complain
  • And to add to my last post, and despite the annoyance of this bug, I want to say that Symphony Pro is a great app!
  • I installed beta version 5 and tested the crescendo function. I am sad to say that it still does not work. Are you sure that the bug has already been resolved in the beta 5 version? Please let me know.

  • Please note : same result testing with the 'Etude in A♭Major' example score...
  • The crescendo has worked for me...,
  • Anya, which version do you use and which instrument did you select during playback?
  • Found the solution! 

    After highlighting and opening the edit-menu of the crescendo/decrescendo symbol, select the Playback option and increase the crescendo/decrescendo amount.

    The default value is set so low that it takes a very long time to hear any change in volume. Only with very long note-durations a change can be heard. When increased to 100%, the change in volume is also heard when shorter notes are played.

    The last non-beta version of Symphony Pro does not show this edit option for Playback. This bug is resolved in the beta-version.

    I would kindly advise the makers of Symphony Pro to improve the manual, because a lot of details (including this Playback option) does not seem to be covered by it. Although the hint-balloons that are shown in the last beta-version when using a feature for the first time help a lot. Just include them in the manual.
  • Hans, I have both the latest released as well as the beta, but I have observed the crescendo on the latest released without any additional setting changes when the instrument is the flute. Having said that, however,  I do think the playback is noticeably better on the new beta, but that may also have to do with that I installed that on an iPad Pro, whereas the regular released version is on an ipad2. 
  • Anya, thanks for your reaction. I think I understand why you found no problems using the crescendo with the latest and the beta version. 

    First of all, I presume you always have used the default setting for the amount of crescendo and therefore never missed the Playback option of the crescendo feature.

    But even with this default setting the volume setting of the mixer is extremely important. If set to high, the instrument maximum volume can already be reached before the crescendo starts. In that case no further crescendo is possible. When instead a decrescendo is used, a change of volume is heard.

    For example, a crescendo starting at f using a mixer volume setting of 50% will not change the loudness of the instrument. It takes a reduction to about 20% before the crescendo is heard. Starting at ffff, the mixer volume setting must be lowered to about 2% to hear the full crescendo.

    This could explain the difference you experience with the iPad Pro and the iPad 2 because the sound systems differ between the iPad models. By the way, I am using and iPad Air 2.

    The problem is that there is no indication when this maximum volume is or will be reached during playback. This makes it very difficult to find a proper setting.

    It would be nice if the SP support team could comment on this further. Maybe they can give a tip to find the proper mixer setting without 'trial and error'.

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