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iPad Pro with Apple Pencil - manual input via drawing score notation and markings vs. palette.

I just bought Symphony Pro and am running it on a 12.9 inch iPad Pro with my Apple Pencil.  This is a very impressive app, particularly for the price!  Bravo!   However, I'm looking for something akin to StaffPad where you can use the Apple Pencil to draw notes and score markings, make selections etc. and have these hand-drawn edits magically turn into engraved edits.  NotateMe for iPad is trying to do that, but is thus far primitive.  Will Symphony Pro be moving in that direction?  I realize this would require gesture recognition, but it seems like it's the future for score writing on an iPad + Pencil.  Keep up the great work. 


  • @Pounder

    Handwriting recognition is certainly in the picture, and you can expect this capability sometime next year. 

    The 5.0 release will be out in early 2017, which will bring navigation shortcut gestures and support for Apple Pencil. We went over more details if you visit the FAQ section about the upcoming release, and please note the registration period for the Public Preview has been extended as well, so we encourage signing up at the bottom of the page!
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