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Problems with realtime bass input

I'm on the newest version on the most up to date iOS for my iPad 3. When I try to input notes to the bass fretboard in real time it doesn't register the notes on the E string. It was fine in the previous version of SP. I tilted the iPad to flip the screen around to see if it was a problem with the iPad, but it doesn't make a difference.


  • @guyfi This is indeed a major issue that'll get resolved in the immediate update. Thanks for hanging in there!
  •  I hope so. Incidentally the same problem exists with the guitar interface is well. This is an essential part of my workflow. I have two books out on Hal Leonard music, every chart in them was started on the iPad.  As a guitarist I don't have the piano skills to enter music in real time, this touchscreen interface is crucial to me. Is there a way to downgrade to the previous version while this is being worked out?
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    Is there a way to downgrade to the previous version while this is being worked out?

    There unfortunately isn't a way to do this, other than to restore your entire device from an earlier backup

    The issue may in fact be independent of whichever app version you're running, since it was first introduced in one of the iOS 10 updates.

    In light of this, what we'd most recommend is to subscribe for our rolling beta test over TestFlight, since the fretboard annoyance got resolved several weeks ago in the prerelease updates. A public preview of SP 5 will be ready this week as well, and you'll likely have a more reliable app to work with in many other aspects.

    If you're interested in downloading the latest prerelease, just let us know your name/email by sending a message to [email protected], and we'll get back right away with the install instructions.

  • I'm on iOS 9.3.5. It's an iPad 3, which won't run any later iOS.
  • This beta version has pretty much fixed my problem. It does feel a little laggy but not enough to not be able to use it; also the low E string on the guitar is still a little hit and miss but works great on the bass. The lagginess might be an issue with iOS 9 on my iPad 3, not sure. All things considered it's a pretty good fix, thank you.
  • Awesome to know! Also have to thank you for checking back on a resolution to your issue, as not many people do this!

    You're more than encouraged to stay registered to test for as long as you wish. If you have further improvements to recommend down the line, please don't hesitate to speak out!
  • I'm on the newest beta version now...ouch! The notes input properly now from the touchscreen but don't notate properly. I tried to record the Munsters Theme and I'm getting them all tied together, and chords, 3rd and 5ths
  • It doesn't do this on the keyboard, but on the guitar and bass it seems like it can't properly register anything less than a quarter or half note. 
  • @guyfi Thanks for pointing it out, we'll have to fix it by the TestFlight update.
  • This new version seems to have fixed these problems, thank you. 
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