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A few questions3.

Symphony Pro gets better and better!  Thanks!  But a few questions:

1.  I've mentioned this before but haven't gotten an answer.  When I need to cross a note up or down, it is only possible to do this if the note is an 1/8th note.  Otherwise the feature is greyed out/disabled.  Is it just me?  I'm on an iPad2 running the latest iOS. The problem has been going for a while.  The workaround is to change the note value to 1/8th, complete the cross, then change the note value back.  Cumbersome.

2.  Moving rests is almost impossible to do now.  Sometimes I succeed in doing it but I can't figure out why it works sometimes, but most of the times it doesn't.  I used to be able to do this easily, fine tuning the placement, but now the rest just pretends to move when I hold and slide, but then is back in its original position when I release.  Like it's anchored or locked in position.  What am I doing wrong?

3.  When I export to PDF, the music exports with the voices highlighted as the file was saved including observing which voice was active, meaning that some notes appear green (the active voice) and some appear black.  This is a problem when printing the exported PDF file in black and white because the green notes will print a lighter gray the black notes.  Should I be doing something differently to get the export in all black?  



  • Hi Anya,

    The majority of improvements won't be ready until our new version release in several weeks or early next year, so we really have apologize about the long wait.

    However, you should know a public preview of version 5 was just announced, and it will be available for download next week. The above issues will be completely resolved if you take part, of course, and since the upcoming installation has been tested to work reliably in general, we strongly encourage signing up and having an early look at what's offered:


  • My workaround for issue 3 is to select Voice Settings and turn off Highlight Voice.
  • Redwave said:
    My workaround for issue 3 is to select Voice Settings and turn off Highlight Voice.
    Belated thanks.  Excellent suggestion.
  • BTW: I noticed a problem where if I print or export PDF to another app while editing a score, the Highlight Voice setting somehow gets turned back on. The workaround is to save the score and then print or export from the app home page.
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