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Music XML Export causes all measures to have a clef

When exported to music xml in ANY program, the music will have a clef on every measure. Also, piano when exported exports as two separate instruments for some reason, and only one has both notes, and then there's a fake bass clef with nothing in it. It is SO incredibly frustrating because now I have to spend TONS of time fixing every measure and re-adding the bass line on a piano to the correct stanza. Please guys, just revert to your old xml export if you can. It was perfect. Also, the cello and viola both sound like poo, and are quieter than any other instrument even on 100%. Yes, I am using the latest version, ipad mini, iOS 10.


  • @Lyrical_Lull
    We're reasonably confident to have fixed the clef and grand staff exporting issues you specifically mentioned. So we'll keep another early patch in consideration to have a reliable exporter available again sooner rather than later.

    Forwarding a sample project file (i.e. SYM document) over to [email protected] would also be helpful for further verification on the bugs, and we hope you'll consider this entirely optional request in the meantime.  
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