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Use concert pitch does nothing?

I may be using this incorrectly, but I have had no luck working with transposed instruments in Symphony Pro. Nothing changes for Bb trumpet when I select/deselect use concert pitch, even if it has 2 half steps lower set in the settings. The key signature does not change either. Can someone help?


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    @theKangaroo42 Let us know if you have the switch labeled "Preserve Original Pitch" turned on or off (and please make sure that you have this turned ON if otherwise).

    If the issue still persists, we will need a copy of your problematic score (in .sym format) sent to our support address ([email protected]).

    Note the quickest way to send a copy over (from the score window) is by going under Help Menu > Feedback > Bug Report. This will automatically include an attachment of your opened project. Thanks!
  • Thank you for the response. Preserve original pitch was not selected. I had assumed that a Bb trumpet would automatically be transposed, but that was apparently not the case. However, when I tried trumpet (not Bb) it gave me the option to transpose to Bb.
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    @theKangaroo42 This is indeed an issue entirely on our part, and we've addressed this mixup with the instrument labeling here for next time. Greatly appreciated for letting us know!
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